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I grew up in a liberal, modern orthodox Jewish home  among parents, grandparents and great grandparents who, besides practicing Judaism, were also health nuts. Being around Judaism and health conscious people taught me that there was a certain rhythm to each day, each week, month and year and that it was essential to our health to take dedicated time for both physical exercise as well as spiritual practice and family time. 


My great grandmother (Dads side), who we called Gigi (top left photo)  would go about twice a year to what we knew as "The Vegetarian Hotel", one of two hotels that held seminars on health and wellness. See some of her notes from the 1960's that talk about "yogi exercises" and "how to stay healthy despite the doctor."

My grandma Ida (Mom's-bottom right photo) was not a religious woman and had her own "holy trinity": "art, education, sports". She was not trained formally in any kind of wellness pursuit, but read a lot and also had a natural instinct for what felt good to her body. She told me a story about how she taught herself tennis, based on her knowledge of punchball. In her late 20's Ida decided to take a lesson.  She barely got through the end of the lesson, as she was unable to play well using all the different proper "grips".  At the end, her teacher said " Ida, you don't need lessons, you have Gamesense, meaning, she had a natural instinct for knowing how play in her body.

I began my studies in Yoga and Ayurveda, because I wanted to empower myself with the knowledge to understand health and wellness from the root.  As a mother, I wanted the tools to keep our family healthy and be able to use natural methods for health as much as possible.  My Judaism, along with Yoga & Ayurveda have taught me how to go even deeper into the rhythms of nature, and how food and lifestyle can truly change ones health, one step at a time.


Im proud to be continuing in the footsteps of my ancestors and also feel immense gratitude to the ancient wisdom traditions of India.

I offer semi private workshops and individual consultations. For more information contact me

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