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Sukkah Chai Wallah

Succot is a Jewish Holiday that, like most of the holidays celebrates an agricultural event as well as a historical event.  Succot, celebrates both the fall harvest as well as commemorates the time when the Israelites were living nomadic lives in the desert. They lived  in "booths", tent like structures, and every year, many Jewish people build their own Sukkah to eat (some also sleep) in during the length of the 7 day holiday.  During Succot, in October 2019, I hosted Chai Wallah in my Sukkah and asked people to bring an offering, and also to make a decoration with some supplies that I provided.  The space that I made was a simple pre-fab Sukkah, that I decorated with fresh and dried herbs and flowers, a few simple pieces of furniture. The intent was to show that it is where we put our attention and intention that makes a space feel like home, no matter how big or how small, how permanent or how transient.  

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