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Chai Walla: Experimental Wellness Salon

Chai Walla literally means "Tea Vender"  My love for chai runs deep and over the last several years I have loved making big  batches of Masala Chai and inviting people over to drink chai and talk. Sometimes I'll have a theme or topic for discussion along with a teaching I want to share about something I have been studying. I love chai as a center point for wellness and healing because it is made up of  substances that are at the same time healing and delicious to the senses. 


This was the inspiration behind my 2 week installation called "Chai Walla" at                           in November 2017, where, for 2 weeks I took over the space and designed it  to hold and inspire healing and wellness. I curated specific programs led by a variety of local  wellness practitioners, artists and intellectuals.  Every morning began with a dance party, which got the blood flowing as well as joy and expression, followed by an introspective activity such as electronic sound bath, meditation and prayer  for centering and spiritual connection.  Every day, in between drinking and communing,  we offered  "brownbag" lunch discussions and throughout the day healing practitioners offered "mini treatments" in "alternative modalities such as Reiki, Accupuncture, Tarot, Palmastry and Animal Snuggling  Everything was donation based. My objective was to encourage people to slow down and  step outside their comfort zone of what is and experience something that is unexpectedly healing and life giving as well as pay attention to the flow of their day. 


Disease prevention lives in the many choices that we make every day with what we eat, how we move (or sit still)  who we surround ourselves with, and with rituals,  treatments and traditions we can help our life force flow in the right direction.  L'CHAI'im!! 

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Photos by Michelle Johnson, Alexandria Bonner & JS

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