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Green Space Ship: A Plant Based Chai Walla / Salon + Retreat 



In March 2018 Libby Modern, Mary Schroeder and I collaborated on a multi day project we called "Green Space Ship"  Our motive was fairly simple. We were looking to fill a space with plants and immerse people in a world where we feel deep gratitude for plants.  We wanted this experience to be felt through plants as much as humanly possible.  I  began each day leading "Dance With Plants" and Plant Meditation  and throughout the day we hosted guest speakers, workshops and open studio time.

As stated in our promo:

"Nephrolepis Exaltata, Dracaena, and Spathiphyllum (Curators at Large) of the Green Space Ship have successfully navigated their way through the galaxy to Modern Art's Museum of the Living Worker. They are now hard at work preparing a week's full of events with many special guests from all over to help you humans tap into the subtle healing vibrations of plant life.Fly yourself on over to Modern Art all week to dance, draw, write, relax, drink chai, learn, converse, adapt, listen, doodle, and canoodle with plants (and just chill the *$%^! out.)"

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Photos by: Michelle Johnsen


Photos By: Michelle Johnsen

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