Harnessing Shabbat to Renew, Restore and Relax with Yoga

October - Dec 2018 / Shabbat Morning

Shaarai Shomayim



As we know, taking time for Shabbat is one of the most important and fulfilling mitzvot in Judaism.  It is particularly practical in this day in age, where work (and stress) seems to follow us around in our back pocket.  In this series Jenny Schulder Brant will use the framework of Shabbat as a time for connection with self & spiritual renewal, using Yoga to help the physical body unwind and relax.  By the end of this series, you will have tools to help cope with stress and enhance how you celebrate Shabbat.  This class is open to everyone, no prior knowledge of yoga required.  Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes for gentle movement.                         to find out more & ask questions

Keeping Shabbat: A time for connection by disconnecting

November 3 2018 

Kairos Institute / Kairos School of Spiritual Formation

Shabbat, (The Sabbath) is the weekly Jewish Holiday that lasts for 24 hours from Friday at sundown until Saturday at Sunset.  Shabbat with its the idea of “a day of rest” is central to the Jewish Faith as it is meant to provide an alternative reality, outside of material existence,  for Jews to connect with spirit, community and family.   Shabbat demands a disconnection from work and seems particularly important in this day in age.  Join Jenny Schulder Brant, as she discusses Shabbat and its traditions. As part of the day, Jenny will offer a restorative yoga class for prayer practice,  as a reflection of Shabbat and its restorative powers.  See the Kairos                 for more information

Chai Walla 2018