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Ayurvedic + Wellness Consultations

I work with people who are interested in seeing themselves in a different way and who wish to make incremental changes in their lifestyle to benefit and increase health.  Working with Ayurveda means that you will begin to understand the underlying causes of your symptoms and imbalances. I love to  empower and motivate clients to make lasting changes that will help them feel better.

I recommend at least 3 sessions and offer a 20% discount to those who pay for 3 upfront (1 initial and 2 follow ups)

90 minute initial consultation    $120

60 minute follow ups                   $80




Womb Healing Treatment

This relaxing treatment is both grounding and nourishing, honoring you as a woman. 

We start with a foot massage and or herbal foot soak, followed by a customized vaginal steam and ending with savasana.

Vaginal Steaming is a simple, and profoundly effective treatment that can help ease and heal many issues that are unique to females including infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal dryness, pain during sex, yeast infections, and postpartum healing. For more information about vaginal steaming, see steamy chick's website

60 minutes    $75

(First time steam is $60) 






Ayurvedic Treatments


In this classic full body treatment, healing oil is applied to the skin in a rhythmic pattern to help with lymphatic drainage and arterial circulation. This treatment is incredibly calming, grounding and nourishing.

60 minutes     $120


This ancient Ayurvedic treatment features a full body dry skin brushing with raw silk gloves. Brushing the skin increases lymphatic circulation and cleans the skin so that oils can penetrate more effectively. Recommended with Abhyanga.

20 minutes     $40

Intensive Oil Application/Kati Basti 

This intensive oil application takes different forms depending on where your localized pain is. Deep penetration of herbalized oil helps to nourish and lubricate muscle and tissue, helping to ease pain and restore flexibility. Recommended with Abhyanga.

30 minutes     $40

Zoom Consultations only at this time

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